Assessment Tool



Alumni Survey


Collection of wide variety of information about program satisfaction, how well students are prepared for their careers, what types of jobs or graduate degrees majors have gone on to obtain and the skills that are needed to succeed in the job market or in the graduate study, 3 years after the graduation

Employer Survey


Provide the information about the curriculum, programs and course outcomes, on the job fields specific information about the application and value of the skills that the program offers.

It helps to determine if their graduates have the necessary job skills and if there are other skills that employers particularly value that graduates are not acquiring in the program.

Student Exit Survey


To evaluate the success of the programme in providing students with opportunities to achieve the programme outcomes.

Course Exit Survey


To determine the quality of the course, the various outcomes, that this course tries to satisfy and the level of achievement of these outcomes.

Project and Training Evaluation


This is a demonstration of the abilities of a student throughout the program

Course Evaluation


It gives information about what and how students are learning within the classroom environment, using existing information that faculty routinely collect (test / end semester exam performance, assignments etc)

Methods of assessing student learning within the classroom environment.